Zombie Apocalypse Rules

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Teams of five will be armed with provided nerf guns and bullets. Teams may not bring their own nerf guns. You will provided with nerf guns and bullets.

- Supply of nerf bullets will be limited.

- When using the sniper rifle, only 4 pumps are allowed. No aiming at people's faces. (DQable offense).

- Players must be in control of their bodies at all times (no flailing or sprinting).

- Playing area is the basketball court.

- Zombies will enter the gym from the student parking doors and or the locker room side gym doors and walk (not run) towards the teams of three players.

- Players will fire their limited quantity of (provided) nerf bullets at the approaching zombies. When the team fires all of their bullets, there are no “reloads”. There is no “scavenging” of nerf bullets. A fired bullet cannot be reused under any circumstances.

- When a zombie is struck by a nerf bullet in the air (not bounced on the ground), the zombie “dies” and drops to the gym floor (where they were shot). Ricochets in the air count as a hit.

- In matches lasting longer than two minutes, “dead” zombies will be automatically resurrected at the two minute mark and again at the three minute mark.

- “Dead” zombies remain on the ground until the end the of match. “Dead” zombies will collect the bullet that “killed” them and hold on to it until the end of the match. No melee – no hitting zombies with guns.

- Players may move anywhere in the playing area (gym basketball court).

- A match ends when all five team members are “killed” by the zombie apocalypse. A player is “killed” when they are touched with 2 hands by the same zombie.

- When a player is “killed” by a zombie. They must drop their gun, become a zombie, and pursue their own teammates (as a zombie).

- No “friendly fire”: ie. if a player hits their teammate with a nerf bullet, the teammate is unaffected.

- Rules are subject to change based on unforeseeable situations or time constraints. Judges decisions are final. Arguing with judges will result in team disqualification.

- The team who survives the longest, by the judge's timer, wins.